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Friday, November 25, 2016

Six Secrets to Improve Your students’ Ability to Learn

6 Secrets to Improve Your students’ Ability to Learn.  No matter what your age, teaching will be your profession throughout your life. Your teaching could be started at the primary school SE up to  high school, because teaching and learning process never ends. You may teaching at a university, trade school, night school, community college or adult school. You may enhance your students’ knowledge by using many teaching methods and strategies. Here are some secrets for improving your students’ ability to learn. Most apply to classes, but you can adapt them to any teaching and learning situation.

Six Secrets to Improve Your students’ Ability to Learn
Six Secrets to Improve Your students’ Ability

1. Be Prepared. If you’re teaching a class at a school, study the curriculum in advance such as teaching methodology, teaching and learning strategies. so that you know what is the appropriate method and strategies to use in performing teaching and learning in the class room. Then prepare the appropriate teaching materials in order to make your students’ interested. And one more thing you have to use the teaching media.

2. Get and Stay Organized. If you teach your students in the classroom, make sure that your teaching material and teaching media are well organized, so that it will enable you to find what you need when you need it. Teaching by providing organization materials will save you a lot of time. If you need to use some teaching medias you may take it easily and the attention of the students will stay focus on you and your teaching materials. 

3. Be On Time. If you’re teaching the students in the classroom,  you should come to the classroom five minutes early or you must be on time. Clear your desk, and organize the the teaching materials before class start. When you’re on time, you will have your full attention focused on the organisation of teaching materials, and not on “catching up” with yourself and what you may have missed. if you are as a teacher always come on time to the class, your students will always be on time as well, because they will motivated by you.  

4. Ask you students to Take Good Notes. Ask you students to take note and it will make them easy to review the materials after class. You can also ask the students to write summary, or notes so the students are easy to study the teaching and learning material at home. one more thing, Review your teaching material before your next class.

5. Ask Questions. If you’re teaching in the classroom, make sure to ask the questions to your students or stimulate them to ask even by using the guiding sentences. Give some responds to the questions so that your students will have a good motivation to ask question for next class again. this is really important to make classroom active and creative.  

6. Provide some Assignments. Give some assignments to you students in order to increase their understanding about the materials, remember the assignment is not more than five question. this mean to make your students to be more active in recognizing the teaching learning materials that they already learned at school.

that is all my description about six secrets improving students' ability in learning based on my own experience and i hope it will work for you especially for beginner teacher who just start their teaching in the classroom and this is could be a bit solution for them in solving the problem in conducting teaching and learning process in the classroom. wassalam and good luck 

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