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Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Best Way To Increase Students’ Motivation In Learning English

THE BEST WAY TO INCREASE STUDENTS’ MOTIVATION IN LEARNING ENGLISH. Teaching and learning activities is the profession of teacher where the teachers are suppose to teach their student in such a way to get the objective of teaching and learning process. being a teacher is sometime make us to face a lot of obstacle it could be due to the government policy and also it could be due to the lack of our knowledge in implementing the bast strategies in conduction teaching and learning process in the classroom. we know teaching the students in the classroom sometime is not a easy job, because we need to be familiar and understand the characteristic and our students background. by understanding their live and characters we are able to manage/organize the teaching and learning materials that related to their live and their environment.   

English Teachers in Indonesia, and specially in Aceh vary drastically in skill-level and experience. The younger ones often have better conversational skills, but ALL of them struggle with the primary problem of motivating their students to WANT to learn English. why does it happen? i think i could be due to the lack of their understanding about the pedagogic skill  even they understand well the pedagogic theories but the they lack of experience of how to implement it in the real class. others it could be due to the teachers have low financial support from their respective schools to help them provide interesting materials, or even photocopies. Their class sizes can be up to 40+ with only a handful who have any desire to learn the subject matter, however we are an English teacher must do our best by providing a fun ways to engage our students in conducting teaching and learning process in the class. 

All of English teachers want to know HOW to get their students to SPEAK English even by using Chung languages. The teachers should do their best least by exploring our own idea/creativity in conducting teaching and learning process in the classroom.

Increasing Student's Motivation in Learning English
English Learning Activities 
We know sometime we do not have a sufficient training to solve the problem at school level, even we attend the training but it does not help us optimally. Actually the district educational department as the one who in charge the development of education sector,  should express genuine concern and support for us (teachers), PLUS give us some ideas and encouragement in order to solve the problem at grass level.

Here I would like to provide some ideas pertaining with the problems faced by teacher in increasing students’ motivation in learning English. Especially for young English teachers.
  1. Before stating your lesson, make sure that to always introduce yourselves to the students, and don not forget to give opportunity to the students to introduce their self as well. Keep supporting the students to practice it in pair. 
  2. Give them an English song as a matter of encouraging the students’ motivation, give the students time to enjoy song and help students with rhythm and intonation.  By listening to the music, the students can learn new vocabulary through listening the music.  In this case, the song carries an important message for students to remember.
  3. Doing games. Involved the students actively in games activity. By involving the students, they are able to gain new vocabulary and help them to have a good pronunciation. Give the students chance to practice their SPEAKING in a fun and non-threatening manner.
that is all my description on the best way to increase students' motivation in learning English, and could be a consideration for you all especially for those who just starting their profession on education/teacher, and thank you very much for reading.

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