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Thursday, October 06, 2016

The Legend Of Tapaktuan

Long long time ago, there lived two big dragons in the cave by the seashore they had been hoping to have a baby, but God hasn’t answered their prayer yet.”Ooh my lovely wife I don’t know why the God has not  answered our praying yet to give us a baby “ said the dragon to his wife. “Oh my husband never said so, because I’m pretty sure the God will give us a baby  in near future as long as we keep traying to have it and never be miserable” said his wife wisely. 
The Story of Tapaktuan
The Story of Tapaktuan
One day, a small boat stopped on the bank of the sea next two dragons cave. The dragon saw a cute baby with her parent on the boat. Oh my wife look at there on the boat,  it is a baby and her parent and I want to take their baby and adopt it as our baby, is there any idea what to do my wife” said the dragon. “Oooohh yes my husband it is really a cute baby that I have ever seen, I think you have to attack her parent and I’ll take the baby out of the baot, what do you think my husband said his wife.  Yup I think it’s a good idea honey, okey let’s get it done “said the dragon to his wife. and then the male dragon attacked the parent of the baby meanwhile the female dragon took the baby to the cave when her parent were fighting and died eventually. That day was the last day the baby saw her parent. 

Day by day, the baby grew into a young girl, but she never knew that the dragons weren’t her parent, one day while the dragon looking for food, she came out of the cave and walked down to the beach, “ooh I fell free today because I have time to look arroud while my parents looking for food, wow it ‘s a really great scenery the beach is clean and the wave of the sea is so fantastic”. While she is going along the seashore she saw other creatures that seem the same as her, she maoned “who are they, why do they look like me, and why do I look different to my parents, I wonder why do I look the same with them”. Then she daydreamed at the seashore to realized that she was defferent to her parent that she had always known. 

After much consideration, she decided to leave the cave and went to the small village, I think I have to leave the cave and live with the people in the village said the dragon daughter”. Then She felt comfortable living with the people and started to find many friends overtime forgot her parent (the dragon). 

When the dragon going back to the cave they were mad after finding that their daughter disappears. They screamed until the villagers heard their voices, “where is my daughter, can anyone tell me where she is, or I will kill and eat you all”, said the male dragon. Hearing that threatening the villagers were afraid and ran to get help from the ascetic in the cave. “Oh ascetic help us the dragon want to kill us and we have no power to fight him ”said the villagers.  The ascetic said “okey I will help you”. Then the dragon came to see the ascetic and dragon said hahahahaha you want to be the hero for them I think you should think it again or you wil die”. The dragon and the ascetic fought until the dragon dead eventually. Then the place where the dragon and the man fought was called dragon cannel. While the footprint of the ascetic knows as tapaktuan. Tapak means footprint tuan (petapa) means the ascetic. 

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