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Sunday, September 18, 2016


Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She lived with her bad step mother and two step sisters. She had to do all the household chores. One day, a king invited all the ladies in the kingdom to go to the ball in the palace. He wanted to find the crown prince a wife. The step sisters went to ball that night with their mother. Cinderella was left alone. She cried because actually wanted to go to the ball too.
The Narrative text of Cinderella
Cinderella get meried
Oh my god I don’t know why my mother do not allow me to go to the ball, actually I want to be as my step sisters as well to go the ball too hik hik hik
Just then the fairy godmother came with her magic wand, Hi Cinderella why do you look so sad, I am a fairy godmother come to help you tonight, said fairy godmother, oooh my fairy please help me actually I want to go to the ball tonight, but my mom do not allow me to get there, said Cinderella. Ok Cinderella just relax I will help you to go there, but you have to close your eyes, then Cinderella closed her eyes and the fairy godmother said “sin salabin abrakatabra”. When Cinderella opened her eyes she got a coach, two horses, and footmen. Fairy godmother also gave Cinderella a lovely dress to wear to the ball and a pair of glass slippers. She told Cinderella to get back before midnight.
“Cinderella I already given you everything you need to go to the ball, but promise me you must be back before midnight” said the fairy godmother. “Thank you so much for helping me my fairy, you may keep my word I’ll be back before midnight” said Cinderella.

At a ball, Cinderella danced all night with the prince. The prince felt in love with her. At midnight, “I’m sorry my lord I have to go home right away” said Cinderella, “ Cinderella the ball is not finish yet why do you want to go home now” said the prince, “sorry my lord I have no time to answer it”, said Cinderella. Then Cinderella run home unfortunately one of her glass slipper slipped at the door. She didnot have time to put it back on. The prince was sad as he could not find the Cinderella again that night. “Oh I do not know who her is, she is so cute but she left me here alone without having time to ask her address, can I meet her again? Oh it is her galss slipper I think I can find her again” sadi the prince.

The nexy day the prince and his men brought along the glass slipper. After searching for a long time, finally they came to Cinderella’s house. Oh my lord, it is a really great honerst for me you came to my house, is there any thing I can help you, said Cinderella’s step mother. Yeah actually we want to find the owner of this silpper said the prince, I have to daughters I think this slipper belong to one of them, said her step mother. Then her daughter tries to wear the glass slipper but it does not fit them, suddenly Cinderella came and ask the prince to allow her to try it. I’m so sorry my lord, can I have a try said Cinderella. Ha ha hahaha Cinderella I think that’s’ better you do not try it because it is impossible, it will fit you, you did not come to ball did you? Then cinderrella try to wear the galls slipper and fortunatelly it fits her. Then they got married and live happily everafter.

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