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Friday, October 28, 2016

School Based Curriculum Assessment In Indonesia

SCHOOL BASED CURRICULUM ASSESSMENT IN INDONESIA. Evaluation is one way to measure the students’ achievement in learning process. What students learn and what student knows about what teachers teach should be evaluated in order to know course improvement. We know that there are many ways to measure the students’ achievement, and it depends on the objective of teaching. On the other hand it is also affected by parents’ curiosity about their children improvement, where students’ parent will always ask the achievement of their children at the school. Evaluation, which has an improvement perspective, provide a structure for teachers and also this could be a good chance for teaching evaluation, where the teachers should reflect what they have though, and what is the problem in their teaching, and what they should do in further steps in improving their teaching. So according to this context, evaluation is not only means the measuring of students’ ability but also this is a way to find the weaknesses of teaching in applying education.  

School Based Curriculum Assessment in Indonesia
School Based Curriculum Assessment
In Kurikulum Tiga Belas (K.13), the evaluation of teaching is divided into three categories, government evaluation, school evaluation and class evaluation. 
1. Evaluation by Government.
The national evaluation conducted by government of Indonesia to measure the achievement of graduation competence in whole of Indonesia within some subject and carry out in national examination. It is well know as Ujian Nasional (UN) National examination is conducted as objective as possible, justice, and accountable. In senior high school only Bahasa Indonesia, Bahasa Inggris, science and social that included into national examination, where science is just for science students, and social for social student only. 

The national examination is as the quality control of education system, because it supposes to know about the process and input of education.  

2. School Based Evaluation.
School evaluation is known as the school based exam (SBC), or commonly known as UAS (Ujin Akhir sekolah). This evaluation is supposed to get the description concerning with the mastery learning (ketuntasan belajar) of the students in some education level.  The students’ achievement in this evaluation will be used as the learning result in graduation certificate.    

3. Class Based Evaluation.
The class evaluation is conducted by teachers directly. The class evaluation is the measurement of the behavior changing of the students, in terms of the introspection of teachers about their weaknesses in performing teaching learning process.

According to Masnur Muslich (2008:78), class evaluation is the systematic process regarding to information collection (numbers, descriptive and verbal), analysis, and interpreting of the information in order to determine the decision on students’ ability mastery. In conducting class evaluation, teachers should understand some criteria of class evaluation, such validity, reliability, focus on competence, comprehensive, objective, and teachable. In class evaluation, there are many techniques that could be used by teachers, so it not depends on the written test. Kinds of the test that could be conducted by teachers are performance, project, product, written test (paper and pen), portfolio, and attitudes.      

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