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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Four Tips For Burning Fat Naturally

FOUR TIPS FOR BURNING FAT NATURALLY. To have an ideal body shape and look beautiful is the dreaming of everyone, it is not only for women but also men want to have an ideal body shape. Ideal body condition is not only to beautify the look appearance of someone but many benefits we got when we have an ideal body shape. Medically, many illnesses caused by fat contained in the body such as cancer, tumors, and heart attach  and much more that is often suffered by most people in current situation. We know, in fact our bodies need fat, but  it is not in excessive amounts. Nowadays there are many people are often trying desperately to exercise vigorously to burn their fat in their bodies but many of them are not succeed. Actually, exercise is necessary but it must be not too much.
Four Tips For Burning Fat Naturally
Four Tips For Burning Fat Naturally
here I would like to give you some tips of how to burn you fat naturally to have a good body shape/ideal appearance

1. Drinking warm water especially when our stomach is empty, drinking  warm water as much as possible every day before and after eating, you should drink warm water three or four cups in early morning, and at night before sleeping. This meant that the warm water that goes into the body will spread throughout our body so that the fat contained in the blood will be absorbed by warm water and excreted through urine.

2. Drinking warm water mixed it with lemon and garlic you may add 2 grains of dates if you do not like the smell of garlic so that the smell of garlic is not so oppressive. These tips will make you a bit busy because you have to make (prepare) it every day, but its’ result will be very satisfied. Take a lemon and then wash it by using clean water, divided  it into two parts ( use one part only ), take a garlic wash it clean and fill into the blender, then put a half lemon without peeling it, add half cup water plus two grain of dates and then blended. After blendering, strain it then add a glass or two glasses of warm water and drink it. Recommended that the water will be used only for once drinking, that is better you do it (drink it) before breakfast, and before sleeping at night. If you get  stomach-ache (diarrhea ) after drinking, do not worry so much it is normal and it will be heal on third or fourth day. Drink it regularly to have a good benefit at least three week or a month.

3. Exercise regularly. Sport is very important to maintain the health condition of our body. By doing exercise you are able to burn your fat. Such as running, walking, and cycling. We know that Running and brisk walking is a cardio workout that has been very popular in developed countries, because by doing it, all of our muscle from head to toe will also move, and it is very effective to burn fat in our body

4. Consuming/Drinking green tea or green coffee. Green tea/green coffee has a lot of benefits for our bodies. Because the contained of antioxidant  on green tea/coffee  can burn fat and also suppresses the growth of cancer cells in our body.Thats’ all and i hope it will work for

That is all the description of my tips how to get lose naturally and hopefully it will work for you, and tahnk you very much for you visiting. good luck 

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