Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Five Tourism Objects in Sabang Island(Lets' Visit It)

Sabang is a small town located on Weh Island is an island in the western coast of Indonesia, we can get there by ferry from Banda Aceh, it also has alternative route  to get there trough Maimun Saleh Airport. Sabang on the Weh Island offers a variety of fantastic nautical tourism  that we can enjoy it there. Beside we are able to observe several places of world war two heritage, here are the following tourist attractions in Sabang you can visit, and it is could be more attractive than Bali Island.

Tourism Object In Sabang Island
Sabang Island
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1.      Zero kilometer  monument

Tourism Object in Sabang Island
Zero Kilometer Monument

visiting sabang island is not complete without visiting monument Zero kilometer Monument (tugu nol Kilometer). It is is about 30 km from Sabang city. This monument is as the initial border of indonesia, in this place you are able to see the open sea and the beautiful lanscape. one more and don not forget yo get the certificate because you are able to get the certificate of visiting zero Kilometer of Indonesia from the Sabang district Government without any fee.

2.    Iboih Beach

Tourism Object in Sabang Island
Iboih Beach

Iboih is a village located in Sukakarya sub-district, there are two beautiful beach in iboih, they are “Layeu Teupin beach and Teupin Sirkui beach, but the tourists prefer to call  both of the beaches with Iboih beach. Layeu Teupin beach is known as a black beach while Teupin Sirkui is known as a rocky beach.

3.   Gapang Beach

Tourism Object in Sabang Island
Gapang Beach

Gapang beach is not far from the iboih beach or when you get to the zero kilometer monument you will pass several beaches like Iboih beach and Gapang beach, Gapang beaches has a very white sand and a very clear water. The name of Gapang beach is taken from the name of a tree in in the location of this beach.

4.    Pria Laot Waterfall

Tourism Object in Sabang Island
Pria Laot Waterfall

Sabang is not only provide the beach tourism object, but also it also provides a beautiful waterfall there. This waterfall is known as Pria  laot waterfall. This waterfall, located about 15 km from Sabang downtown. To reach this waterfall you have to walk from the parking area about 20 minutes.

5.   Anoi Itam Beach

Tourism Object in Sabang Island
Anoi Itam Beach

This beach is know as Anoi Itam Beach. Anoi means Sand, Itam means Black, this beach is different from other beaches in Sabang, because this is the only one black beach in Sabang island. This beach is about 14 km from Sabang downtown, precisely located in the village of Anoi Itam, Sukajaya Sub-district. in this area you are able to see the japan castle during word war II, when indonesia was occupied by Japan.

that is all my decription about the tourism object in sabang island and hopefully it will give a bit information to the readers who want to visit sabang island one day. thank you very much for visiting.

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