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Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The Reflection on Education Research Over Twenty Five Years (SUMMERY PART 1)

The education research in Australia started at the beginning sixties seventies, it is as the reflection of America education research. in Australia has some obstacles on the implementation this concept because the cynicism, permeated the media reaction and the perception of politician toward the educational research in general. Where the schools has failed to minimize the unemployment, and the school always became the scapegoats, blamed because of these situation. This condition were based on the politician who  want to control facets of the research and shape it into the frame of the amenable to policy.  

The Reflection on Educational Research
Educational Research 
The research influence on policy is frequently over a long period of time, such as the current even the show of the result of science could gave the impact on education research in order to implement it in the sector of education, by conceptualize it to educational project, in the process of the percolation of the research finding intermediaries, policy analyst, federal and the state educational ministry and the journalist all have a role to interprate the transmitting of the research finding. This is the effect of the appearing poling research, where the mass medias going to do their role trough the polling public opinions, and the educational division going to request some perceptions to the parent, the politician will give their own view about educational system, but this kind of the educational research could not able to give the best solution in Australia educational system because this research need a deeper understanding in order to make it perfect. Bruce Morey clarified  in 1978 on the behalf of Senator J.L Carrick, educational Minister in the fraser

So based on the statements above, the polling research can be categories in two aspects, in order to make it perfect namely:

1.        Dissemination.

Dissemination means is to extend this the concept where it is not only the researcher and decision makers involved in the making research, but all elements of educational must be involved such as the teachers, the scientist of education, the lecturer, the parent, and the societies.

2.      Utilization.

Utilization means the researcher should focus on what the benefit that will be got for the education to solve the educational problem, or what kind on the educational system suitable for education.

The Educational research-the demise of the position of the realist.

The realtion between education and science proved the problematic in many ways. The behaviorist that dominated by educational psychology in the 1060s, were vocally declaring the scientific nature of their research. Even much of their work had been challenged seriously in Brittan  and United States, but it was not appears in Australia. But in doing this they  took on the linear model that the science has been able to exploit since ninetieth century. This had led to a clear perception of public, the mass medias and politicians get the benefit of scientific research. While the education psychology didn’t make any advance in the 1995s, Gene Glass suggested the need to tie together research finding on specific topic by applying the statistical techniques that commonly employed by quantitative reseachers in analyzing their primary data, and it approached they called meta-analysis.  (ERDC) agreed about his perception and tried to implement it in order to solve the educational problem in Australia, But unfortunately this research was not running well, because this research this research locked into the traditional of universities and academic going their own way in conducting research, and the (ERDC) failed to delivered method this concept. Of course the behaviorist who used the psychology education still exist, in one school in Australia where than more half staff had qualification in educational psychology had no willing to teach the course, this was the reaction against the behaviorist.

However the psychology education was not exist forever, because on the 1980 the educational system focus on technology, gender, students out comes, the issues of environments, the policy studies etc. by the mid of 1980s, the reseacher focuses on the qualitative research in order to solve education problem.

The Ascendancy of the Qualitative Research.

There researcher in Australia agreed to determine the qualitative research as a method in inquiry the educational research, because the qualitative research is more objective than quantitative method, where qualitative method seems very nature. Where the education research is also focus on the students, the teacher, the environment, the beliefs and the perceptions of the parties concern so that this research in more objective and must be aware of all the values laden intrusion. in the other hand why qualitative research is appropriate in the inquiry educational research because of this method is really close to the cultural anthropology on which the ethnography is a part.  So the qualitative research is more appropriate in conducting the education research than quantitative research in Australia.

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