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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

School-Based Curriculum Development and Action Research

School-Based Curriculum Development and action research is inseparable , because action research focuses on practical issues of teaching learning in the class room, such as teaching learning problems, student problems, and the societies and environments’ need. This research also as the principle of School-Based Curriculum Development, where the result of this research will be analyzed in order to map the school-based curriculum.
abcd and action research
sbcd and action research

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Geoffrey E. & Airasian (2009:486) give definition about the action research, he states that: Action research in education is any systematic inquiry and it is conducted by teachers, principals, school counselors, or other stake holder in the teaching learning environment that involve gathering information about the ways in which their particular school operates, such as how the teachers teach, and the students learn in order to improve education sector. This information is gathered with the goals of gaining insight, developing reflective practice, effecting positive changes in the school environment (and on educational practice general), and improving students out comes and the lives of those who involve in this research. Hence, Elliot (2009), classified action research into three categories, he states that there are some categories about what is action research, Firstly action research focuses on practical issues about teaching learning problem in the class room. In this regard, frontline teachers who deal with everyday teaching and learning problems are naturally owners of action research. Secondly, finding and implications derived from action research are often regarded as new and practical intervention strategies to some teaching problems. 

This is result of teacher research, systematic collection of evidence of effective solutions to problem identified. The third similar to other research which involves formulation of the hypotheses to certain phenomena, action research entails identifying teaching strategies in order to solve certain practical and learning problems. The using of different methods in teaching activities are based on the experience teaching, to solve the education problem, it shows that teaching is part of research, on another words teaching and research is inseparable. So by conducting action research, we may understand the basic problem in education, and this is expected to be a valuable contribution in managing the curriculum based on school, environment and community’s need in order to improve the education. By doing this research, we are able to get the real situation in the field (bottom-up) and we may present this description in education council and education department as the consideration in managing the educations’ policy.

However the main purpose of action research is to solve the problem pertaining with the education system in daily life. The teachers are able to manage the curriculum which is easy to be accessed by students, because teachers use the teaching-learning activity based on their own experience, so the students critically reflects to their teaching practice to determine the specific strategies that are most effective in improving students out come. The teacher is expected to have willingness to look critically at one’s own teaching so that he/she can improve or enhanced her/his teaching.

Action research significantly is able to contribute a valuable contribution in increasing the professional of teachers, because through this research, teachers are able to evaluate the dynamic of their class room. When teachers gain the understanding about the concept of teaching by understanding their students’ behavior and the effective way of teaching trough action research, they are able to determine what should be changed and what should not be changed in order to increase their professional and education.  The involvement of teachers in managing this curriculum cannot be avoided because teachers have a big role in conducting action research in order to get the best perception about the curriculum.  The involving of teacher is supposed to understand the relationship among curriculum components such as philosophy, aims, goals, objectives, contents, teachers’ activities, students’ activities, evaluations, environment, and societies’ need. So that they are able to understand how the components are interrelated and how the basic curriculum decisions are made. Regarding to this perception Geoffrey E. & Airasian, (2009:486) states that the purpose of action research is to provide teachers researchers with a method for solving everyday problem in the school, it may improve both students’ learning, and teachers’ effectiveness.

Action research is largely about developing the professional disposition of teachers, encouraging teacher to be continue learners-in their class room and of their practice. In conducting research in their own class room and schools, teachers have the opportunity to create model for students, because not only the skills needed for effective learning but also curiosity and an excitement about gaining new knowledge.