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Let's Visiting Borobudur Temple (Tips)

We know that Borobudur temple is the biggest temple in the world and it is become one of world wonders. Many visitors from all around the world visit this temple because of the unique structure, history and the beauty of the building of the building. This temple has attracted people from all around the world because of it’s beauty and it’s history. 

Visiting Borobudur Tempel
Borobudur Temple
We should grateful to UNESCO for maintain this amazing masterpiece. Beautiful, Nature and magnificent, those words are very appropriate to describe the temple. Many people even the visitor appreciates this temple as it’s one of the wonders of the world.
When the first time I visited Borobudur temple it was impress me so much, because I have never seen this phenomena before but only in the picture,  we know that there are many tourists visited this temple from around the world but many of them are locally visitors.  This building are well maintained, and seems look after by government of Indonesia. And this building also have it’s own unique to be visited like Bali and Sabang Island .
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So here I would like to give you some guides and hopefully it would be useful for you and your family when you visit it one day.  

1.  Choose the best time to visit.
·     Avoiding  to visit there on the weekend, because it will be extra busy on that day
·   Normally on October until June Yogyakarta having wet season. So that’s better to  plan to go there is not on the wet season.

2.  Contribution fee (Entrance fee).
·    Aspecially for  a foreigner, they should pay  “premium” entrance fees unless you have a    temporary residency card, the cost for foreigner is IDR 220.000 or it is about AUD 22.00 per person. For the Local people and the  KITAS holders they only pay IDR 30.000 or it is about AUD $3.00.

3.  Enjoying Sunset and sunrise in Borobudur.
·   Don’t miss Plan to enjoy sunrise at 4.00am – 5.00am, because you will not see anything better sunrise than sunrise in Borobudur). You may get the Borobudur Sunrise/Sunset ticket from the Manohara Hotel, normaly you will get some souvenirs come a long with a ticket and it includes a tea/coffee set.  The foreigner visitors have to pay about IDR 380.000 per person it is about AUD $38.00, for Domestic Visitors  it is cost only IDR 250.000/person or  about AUD $25.00 and if you want to stay at the hotel you only need to pay IDR 230.000 per person or about AUD $23.00 (domesticc and foreigner).

What you need to bring when you visit Borobudur.

·   Don not forgets to visit a Borobudur museum, it is located east of the temple, it called called The Karmawibhangga Archaeological Museum. You will see 4,000 of the original stones and carvings from the temple around the meuseum, including the huge collection of Buddha statue.
·  Riding on The elephant. On may visiting there (January 2015) the cost was IDR 50.000/person or AUD $5.00. It was not long distance butit enough to make your children or yourself excited.
·     Train ride.  In January 2015 the cost was IDR 7.500 or AUD $ 0.75. The train was  just a loop ride around the temple.
·     Bring a hat and or an umbrella. Or if you have to rent the umbrella.
·  Bring a bottle of water a long, because the price of a bottle of water around the Borobudur is expensive. 

5.  Other tips
·       Get a good tourism guide if you want to know more about the story of Borobudur.
·     It common that local people like taking picture with the foreigner especially from western country, so prepare yourself  for taking photograph with them by setting the limit, otherwise you will stay there all the day long.
·       Never paying full price for anything need at the market around the temple, you have to pay only a quarter of what they offered. 

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